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Kangaroo Plast – the family-owned business opens a new brewery in Ethiopia.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Addis Ababa, March 21, 2019 – Kangaroo Plast, an established local family-owned company opens the newest beer manufacturing plant in Ethiopia, with an investment amount of USD 88 million. The brewery, which was initiated by late family member Belachew Yirga will be inaugurated, next month.

The beer manufacturing plant, which has the brewing capacity of 1.6 million hectolitres and the packaging capacity of 800,000 hectolitres has already started producing a new beer brand, which will soon be available to the public, following the official unveiling ceremony. Opening this beer manufacturing plant is the newest business venture for the Kangaroo group.

“The steady growth of the Ethiopian economy coupled with the investment opportunities has made this an attractive venture for us. Our family has always wanted to invest in the beer industry, so opening this brewery is the result of a long-standing dream initiated by my brother Belachew.” said Ato Ephrem Yirga, Board Chairman of Kangaroo Plast.

Kangaro Plast’s has joint ventured with United Africa Beverages company, based in Mauritius, which has vast experience in the beer industry. The brewery assigned Krones, a German company that is the industry leader in beer technology to supply a full turn-key manufacturing plant. The equipment is the first of its kind in Africa to use SAP technology to run the manufacturing plant.

“We have integrated all our machinery with the SAP system and this enables us to control the quality of our product and every aspect of the business,” said Ato Ephrem Yirga.

The brewery has created employment opportunities for the local community and currently employs over 240 people. The plant will be using its network of local suppliers and distributors to reach outlets and distribute their long awaited product in the coming weeks, following the launch of their new beer.

Kangaroo Industrial group, which was established by the well-known business man Ato Yirga Haile and family focuses on manufacturing, real estate, agriculture sector and trade.

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